Jenny Woo Fondue: Gets Dipped in Chocolate for Good Cause

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Jenny Woo award winning world recognized journalist, Jenny Woo, who cites Christina Amanpour and Barbara Walters among her biggest influences, found herself dipped entirely in chocolate this past Thursday, all for a good cause.

The physicians institute private affair helps was an effort to help bring awareness to the benefits of plastic surgery.

"I sat in the tub while doctors dumped warm chocolate over my near naked body," Woo said, acknowledging that she did have pasties strategically placed over her udders.  "They then dipped strawberries into the chocolate."

Woo's were implanted by a plastic surgeon, making her an ideal candidate for this project.

"The chocolate was poured on warm," she said.  "The key was keeping it from hardening."

Woo was so popular that she has been called back to take part in three more upcoming fondue body dipping events.

"I am quite excited about this venture!" Woo ejaculated. 

Getting the chocolate off entirely was quite the chore.  Jenny found herself a mosquito magnet the next day.


Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor

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