Premier Pay Per Head Safeguards all of Your Information

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Premier Pay Per Head Safeguards all of Your Information

The online sports betting industry has exploded in the past decade with a proliferation of betting websites to handle all the action, but the simple fact that all of these transactions take place through the internet raises some serious concerns with just how safe and secure this wealth of information remains.

Right along with this growth has been the emergence of the independent sports bookmaker who relies heavily on their Pay Per Head service to take care of most of the administrative side of running the day-to-day operations. Premier Per Head has been working side-by-side with bookmaking agents for close to 15 years and we fully realize the importance of keeping your business information not only safe and secure but anonymous as well.

Not every PPH service out there can stake this claim and Premier has always backed-up this pledge with a major commitment of both time and substantial financial resources to employ the best online sports betting software the industry has to offer.  A PPH service is only as good as its operating system and at Premier we take nothing for granted when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information. Our software is designed with dozens of security measures that ensures that every online transaction is conducted in a safe and secure environment.

As an bookmaking agent, you can also rest assured that any potential downtime will be virtually eliminated with the sophistication and total redundancy our sports betting software can provide. Your business information is not only kept secure and anonymous, it is made readily available through your own back-door access to a number of extremely useful reports.

Information is power and with Premier you will always have the ability to monitor what is going on with your customer base on a round the clock basis. It is this level of control that builds the necessary foundation for the long-term success and profitability of your bookmaking business. We completely buy into the concept that we are true business partners with our bookmaking agents and that our long-term success is directly tied to yours.

Backing up the top technology and computer software in the sports betting industry today is a world class call center that is staffed with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable representatives around. They are very adept at handling American customers and they all know what it takes to protect your overall bottom line.


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