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ShareThis Marketing:  Reddit, Bitcoin, Sports Betting Bust Give Traffic Bo

As regular readers might imagine, this week’s news regarding the indictment against Legends Sports and related sports betting busts have resulted in some significant traffic for the site. first broke these stories on Wednesday.  Additionally, tons of traffic has been coming in from social media behemoth for articles related to both Bitcoin and Morgan Stanley’s forecast for online gambling. 

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If only we had sponsor sites that accepted Bitcoin.  This animal is out of control right now and so, too, is the sudden infatuation with the online currency, which has endured quite the roller coaster ride over the past week. 

Thursday and Friday presented an interesting situation in which social media at times accounted for more than 50 percent of’s overall traffic, actually beating out search.  Twitter, Facebook and Reddit each contributed to this.   Late Friday night, social media was still referring approximately 27 percent of’s traffic.

The site was also heavily linked over the past few days from the likes of,,, and   A big shout out to our friend Clevfan over at for helping to get the word out about Wednesday’s sports gambling busts to her readers and, as always, we appreciate the links back.

Just a quick note regarding our Masters 2013 betting coverage.  On Wednesday evening, even with all the breaking news, Masters traffic still made up 25 percent of G911’s readership.  Not too shabby.

Here is a look at our segment demographics breakdown for a random sampling of Friday night’s readership at

Our Baseball content was getting some play with picks now at 7-0 from Tuesday through Friday. 

Gambling Related (General including poker and sports betting) – 97 percent.  A fun fact is that 2 percent of the 100 random sampling readership were coming onto looking for “gay porn”.  It’s funny how search works sometimes.


Segments Breakdown:  (note that there is some overlapping where a reader may be visiting poker, gambling, and sports related content during a single visit):

Sports Betting – 18 percent

Sports Betting on Baseball – 10 percent

Sports Betting – Fantasy Sports – 9 percent

Sports Betting – Horses – 4 percent (this number should increase Saturday afternoon)

Sports Betting – Masters – 1 percent

Sports Betting – NASCAR – 1 percent

Sports Betting – UFC/MMA – 2 percent

Poker – 42 percent

Gambling Related (excluding sports betting and poker exclusive visits) – 52 percent

Gambling News – Bitcoin – 6 percent

Gambling News – Legends Sports Indictments – 6 percent

Gambling News – Morgan Stanley Forecast for Online Gambling – 25 percent

Poker – 42 percent

Poker – Brian Mizok – 15 percent

Direct Bookmarks – 12 percent

Other – 3 percent

- Payton O’Brien,