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Bookies are plentiful throughout South Carolina (SC), which is comprised of four geographical regions (the Piedmont/Foothills, Mountains, Midlands and the Coastal Plains).

The smart SC bookies utilize Pay Per Head companies for all their outsourcing. 

Utilizing contracting services is common in many successful industries.  In the case of a local bookie, the Pay Per Head provides a prudent means of adding that necessary layer of security, not just to protect from savvy sports bettors, but also by minimizing the potential of becoming victimized by criminal elements. A known area bookie residence will typically mean “cash on hand”, sometimes lots of it.

Pay Per Head companies also offer live in-play betting, thousands of proposition bets and a live online casino platform that locals simply cannot offer.  Many of these businesses also offer online poker platforms. 

Early Odds To Win - Focus Teams

Clemson Odds to Win Championship 9-1
Clemson OVER/UNDER Season Wins 10.5
Clemson Odds to Win ACC 4-1
South Carolina Odds to Win SEC 70-1
Panthers Odds to Win Super Bowl


Panthers Odds to Win NFC South -220
Panthers OVER/UNDER Season Wins 10.5 O -125

South Carolina has some of the most archaic gambling laws on the books.  Even home poker games are illegal in the state.  There are no casinos and no horse tracks.  With that said, the Penalty for Simple Gambling and Penalty for Aggravated Gambling are both misdemeanors.

In the world of South Carolina bookmaking, the one name that stands out more than any other in recent years is Brett Parker, once among the state’s biggest bookmakers (perhaps the biggest). 

Parker, his dad Jack Parker and an associate Douglas E. Taylor were each sentenced to prison for illegal bookmaking in December 2013, just days before Christmas.  

More notably, Brett had already been placed behind bars and was serving a life sentence, not for bookmaking, not for conspiracy and not for the usual charges levied against people of his ilk.

Parker was serving time for the murder of his wife, Tammy Jo, and his business partner, Bryan Capnerhurst.

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