Premier’s Pay Per Head Services are a Cut Above the Rest

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Matt Skinner
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Premier’s Pay Per Head Services are a Cut Above the Rest

It is one thing to call yourself the best at what you do and it is another to back it up with a wealth of experience and expertise in your field.

Premier Per Head is the best Pay Per Head service for independent sports bookmakers because they tell us we are. We have been at this game for close to 15 years and we can easily produce a long and extensive list of one satisfied customer after another. Click here  for more information about Premier Pay Per Head services.

One of the biggest driving factors that has taken Premier to the top of the list in the PPH service industry is our level of knowledge and expertise in making independent sports bookmakers successful. We provide the PPH business solutions that move the dial when it comes to growing and expanding your customer base. Our long-term goal is very simple; to help you turn your sports bookmaking business into a profitable venture for the long haul as well.

We know exactly what you need to run the day-to-day administrative end of a bookmaking business and we back it up with a highly advanced operating system and sports betting software package that would rival even the biggest online sportsbook in the industry today. By leveling the playing field with your biggest competition, you will now have the time you need to focus your efforts marketing your bookmaking services to new customers as well as attending to the personal needs of your existing customer base.

Our operating system is designed with triple redundancy to always keep you up and running. Premier’s sports betting software can be completely customized to meet your particular business needs and the end result when you sign-on as an agent is your own personal company website that is very easy to navigate. To put you and your customer’s minds at ease, our software is also built with dozens of security measures to keep all online transactions safe and secure.

Tying everything together is a world class call center that is staffed with highly trained industry experts. They know how to communicate with American customers and they also know how to help you grow your bottom line.

Premier has also partnered with the top oddsmaking services in the world to bring you betting lines fast and razor sharp. As part of the per head fee you pay for active customers, you will always have the ability to move your own betting lines and change your offerings as you see fit.

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