NBA’s Mavericks Fan To Buy Tickets Using Bitcoin

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NBA is an international sport. As such, there are hundreds of millions of fans. These fans need to have suitable payment methods. That is why cryptocurrency markets are coming in.  In the future, there are chances that Maverick’s fans will pay using bitcoin. If this happens, it is the first time NBA is publicly accepting digital currencies. Mark Cuban says that this is the only way one can make all fans comfortable. But fans will have to wait a little longer for this to happen.  What is more is that Mark is making things easy for all NBA games. The American entrepreneur now says this will start in the next season.

Mark confirms that fans can buy tickets directly from his team. When he was asked a question on social media, Mark was quick to answer. The person is evidently Mavs fan. The user asked mark when this will be possible. His answer was quick and straightforward, “Next season.”  Unlike pay per head business, NBA tickets will be available on one portal.  Does this look like a simple TV advert to you? Was it a mere talk of the billionaire and TV personality? It doesn’t seem so. Mark is a serious entrepreneur he says what he means. He doesn’t need publicity. Also, this is evident when the entrepreneur is asked to confirm his allegations. He was quick to answer. The Mavericks owner said that it wouldn’t take long. In fact, he added other important information when confirming.

“True. And we will be taking Ether as well. As far as tokens, we will be taking tokens. But they should originate from companies we have business relationships. Some people want to buy products in crypto to prove a point. We are happy to make it easy for them. We will make it easy for Existing Mavs fans who prefer to spend crypto,” Mark said. Get the best online bookie software with Bitcoin At

Mark took an interest in the digital currency a few years ago. But it was not before long that he became a reluctant critic. In 2014, the man went on record when he said that he has not invested in digital coins. “I haven’t invested in Bitcoin yet. I go up and down on it. Later on that year he said good things about bitcoin. He believed that bitcoin was ‘great as encryption technology,” Mark said in 2014

From his words, he believed the coin. But thought its future of cryptocurrency was doomed as central banks will not allow it to grow.

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