MGM Grand Las Vegas Bed Bug Video Goes Viral

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There was plenty of traffic coming into the Gambling911.com website over the weekend inquiring about “Las Vegas Hotel Bed Bugs” and we decided to investigate, especially with so many G911 readers in town for this summer’s World Series of Poker.

All paths led to various posting forums, including those pertaining to Vegas, and the Facebook page of one Stephanie Mejia.

She claims, during a visit to Vegas this past weekend, that her family was greeted by a bed bug upon checking into their room at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.  The post and video have since gone viral.

From Stephanie Mejia’s Facebook page:

You might want to think twice before staying at the MGM Las Vegas!! 5 minutes after getting into our room we are greeted by this bed bug! Gross right?? What is even worse is the customer service that I receive from Katherine the front desk supervisor. No options given to a customer who just paid $341 for 2nights and when I ask for corporates number, her response is " I'm sure you can find it online" how professional is that??What a shame for a big name like the MGM. Totally ruined mine and my family's vegas experience. Friends please share!!!!!!!!!

In defense of the MGM Grand Las Vegas, many folks on Ms. Mejia’s Facebook page weren’t exactly buying the claims.

Harry Lyme writes on the Vegas Message Board:

Yes, I'm very skeptical about these situations. As I said on her post, when is there just ONE of those suckers? Likely when you brought it with you after it hitched a ride on your baggage, or it traveled with the folks in the room before you. Or something else. I check the beds and surrounding areas pretty thoroughly. Never ran into any at a hotel, but with the amount of people visiting these places, especially Vegas, some are bound to pop up.  But this lady's post? I don't believe it.

The video and Facebook posts were also mentioned on the TripAdvisor review site where one reader commented that bed bugs are more common than one might think and hotel properties often act aggressively with the first sign of the little critters.   That posting was tending to go off the rails as of Monday afternoon.

- Jagajeet Chiba reporting for G911



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