Decent Bet Coin ($DBET) Surges After Cryptocurrency Market Crash

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The Decent Bet Coin ($DBET) is surging up sixty-percent in the past twenty-four hours. However, Bitcoin is looking to recover from the crash last week, which scared investors and real money gamblers. Ultimately, this leads to a big selloff, dropping the price of Bitcoin down from mid $9,000 to $8250.   The Decent Bet Coin ($DBET) is currently priced at $0.208594 according to the Army Of Bitcoin cryptocurrency news site.  The market capitalization rate is $878,109 according to

Ethereum casinos have been roaring since Ether surged past the seven hundred dollar mark. However, it only has gotten up to the eight hundred dollar mark, which worries long term Ethereum investors.  In contrast, people betting on NamoCoin ($NAMO.X) took home cash and Bitcoins. Above all, the NamoCoin ($NAMO.X) surged up over one hundred fifty percent in the past twenty-four hours according to Also, it is now sitting at $0.000433   with a market capitalization rate of $194,906.  Will Ethereum and Bitcoin hold up while these smaller cryptocurrencies surge?  ArmyOfBitcoin feels that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple will hold up very well long term.

The folks from the Litecoin casinos at Play Slots 4 Real Money are happy as the price of Litecoin is up fifty percent in the past month. According to the Cryptocurrency prices at, last month Litecoin hit it's bottom, sinking to almost one hundred dollars per Litecoin.   The highest Litecoin has ever gone is a little over four hundred dollars. At this time, Litecoin's creator, Charles Lee, said he sold his positions in Litecoin. Above all, this made investors and real money gamblers uneasy.

We are getting back to the smaller cryptocurrencies that rallied in the past twenty-four hours.  Most importantly, Bitcoin X ($BCH.X) is a winner over the last twenty-four hours.  It has surged up twenty-five percent according to the   The price of Bitcoin X ($BCH.X) sits at $0.022111. Also, the market capitalization is $1,002,710, which is pretty small compared to $148,208,301,883 market capitalization that Bitcoin has.  Will Bitcoin hit nine thousand again and surge back up to almost ten thousand this week?  It is possible. However, Bitcoin Cash may be a stronger short-term investment for real money gamblers and investors.  Ethereum has a market capitalization rate of $72,883,469,575 according to ArmyOfBitcoin. This cryptocurrency follows Ripple, which has a market cap rate of $28,995,325,041.  The next most-traded cryptocurrency is Bitcoin Cash ($BCH.X). Their market capitalization rate is currently sites at $25,506,232,056.

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