Bitcoin Drops $1084 in Last 24 Hours

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have witnessed another sharp decline Monday.

In the case of Bitcoin, that cryptocurrency had fallen $1084 over the past 24 hours down to $7288.  The decline was nearly 14%.

Bitcoin cash had dropped by 18%.

Over $60 billion is said to have been wiped off the value of cryptocurrencies across the board.

CNBC on Monday suggested much of the losses come in the wake of potential tougher regulation in China and India, claims that tether could be propping up the market, and banks like Lloyds banning people from buying cryptocurrencies with a credit card, has weighed on the market.

Sports bettors were advised to hold off requesting a withdrawal on their Super Bowl winnings via cryptocurrencies at least through the remainder of Monday afternoon and early evening.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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