Bitcoin Cash Leads the Charge With 31% Price Increase

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After a series of dips in quick succession, bitcoin cash (BCH) has rebounded sharply over the past six days. The latest downtrend saw prices bottom near $884, which coincided with the broader market’s recent swing low near $303 billion.

Prices have since recovered more than 31% to $1,161.29, which includes a 7% rally on Sunday.  Read More Here


Taiwanese Miner Shot by Gangsters After Failing to Deliver on Returns - The bitcoin miner, identified only as Mr. Wu, was shot by two members of the criminal organization ‘Freshwater Gang’. Though shot seven times, the victim did manage to survive.

The Freshwater Gang has invested approximated $50 million TWD (nearly 1.677 million USD into Mr. Wu’s mining operation, and had been expecting quick returns. Mr. Wu was unable to meet the expected initial payment of $10 million TWD (approximately $340,000 USD).  Read More

Cryptocurrency Hackers Are Stealing from EOS's $4 Billion ICO Using This Sneaky Scam - Scammers have breached an internal system of the company behind the record-setting EOS ICO—and succeeded in tricking the cryptocurrency’s investors out of as much as millions of dollars’ worth of their new money.

But while Block.one has sold almost all of its one billion EOS coins to investors, a significant portion of them—along with the cryptocurrency Ethereum often used to purchase EOS—are ending up in the hands of hackers.  Read More Here

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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We Made It: Bitcoin Climbs Above $10K

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