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SMU vs. #8 Cincinnati

Under normal circumstances this game would not be any kind of close call whatsoever. The Bearcats are clearly the better team and they come in with a stellar record of 27-4 and 16-2 in the AAC. They are hot and they are very solid defensively. They get after it on both ends of the court and they can be unforgiving and relentless, however, they have not played since Sunday. Does this help them or hurt them? They have certainly had time to rest and rest is always good but too much of a good thing is never good in college basketball.

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The Bearcats are coming off of a huge win against the Wichita State Shockers and it was a battle to the end. This win was huge for a couple of reasons. They defeated one of their biggest rivals on the road and they showed themselves that they are capable of playing with anybody. There has been some doubt about the Bearcats simply based on strength of schedule. Don’t be fooled, the Bearcats can go toe to toe with anyone in the country.

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SMU is not a terrible team and the hit the AAC Tournament with a 17-15 record and a (close to terrible) 6-12 in conference record. Against a team like Cincinnati, rest is a good thing. The Bearcats play “grind it out” basketball and their style takes a toll, it wears a body down. Rest will help them. They will have almost no trouble with SMU and will dominate the second half. They are simply too much for a less talented team.

Look for Cincinnati to own every category in the score line in this one, they will out muscle, out hustle and out play SMU. They are simply this much better.

Do not miss this game. Call out sick, make up excuses do what you have to do and for sure find a sportsbook. This one is simply too much of a great opportunity to pass up. Now remember, this one could be fairly close at half time, if this is the case; then bingo, you hit the lottery! This means there will be value on the second half. Do not hedge! Double down! This scenario will be your opportunity to make even more money. Jump on a weak second half line and ride this one to the bank.

Prediction: Cincinnati -13

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