What Online Sportsbook, Bookmaker Offers True Dime Line in Baseball?

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BetOnline offers a true dime line in Baseball up to -185, the best in the biz.


The price on the Atlanta Braves, +1.20 translates to betting a dollar to win a dollar and 20 cents. The difference between the favorite price and the underdog price is 10 cents. Or, a dime, which translates into the “dime line”. Many books, however, feature a 20 cent line in Major League Baseball with most doing so beyond -160.  BetOnline is one of the few books that offer a dime line past the -150 to -160 price up to -185.  This is important to understand since many of the games will feature a line within this range, especially when ace pitchers represent one of the two clubs.  The savings can prove massive throughout the year.

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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Bookie Beat Down May 21 - Oakland Athletics

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