How Online Bookies Can Prospect New Bettors With March Madness

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Online bookie agents hoping to expand their businesses have a great opportunity to do so in the very near future.

Starting on March 18, the entire sports betting world will focus on a single event, the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

Agents looking to expand their client bases can use the March Madness Tournament to interest players who might not otherwise make sports wagers, or who might wager via different means.

Use March Madness to Prospect

Check out 4 ways per head agents can use the NCAA Tournament to prospect for new clients.

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1. Run a March Madness Bracket Challenge

Tell everyone you know that you’re running your own March Madness Bracket Challenge directly from your sportsbook. Bettors mustn’t do anything except fill out NCAA Tournament brackets.

Then, they pass them on to you.

You provide a prize, maybe, something like a $250 wagering credit, to the person that wins the bracket challenge. By offering wagering credits, individuals must create an account with you.

That means you get them into your system.

Whether they play or not isn’t the point just yet. It’s to get them to sign-up with you and a bracket challenge could get them to do that.

2. Offer March Madness Free Plays

Offer new clients a $10 free play on any NCAA Tournament game in round 1. This is a simple way to get new clients interested in betting on sports.

It’s also a good way to encourage current sports bettors to switch to you. For active bettors who don’t use your services, offer something more, maybe even a $50 free play to switch to you.

3. Provide a 5% On any NCAA Championship Winning Future Bets

Tell new clients that if they put money on a team to win the NCAA Championship, and the team they chose wins the title, you’ll add an extra 5% to whatever they won.

That should get plenty of players moving their business from their current sports betting services provider to you.

4. Educate New Clients About the NCAA Tournament

Pay per head agents won’t find this more effective than any freemium type method, but it could get people interested in betting on sports. The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament lasts for an entire 3 weeks.

It’s pretty much the only thing people talk about. So, by simply advertising that you accept wagers on NCAA Tournament games could help you see an uptick in sign-ups. 

An estimated 10 BILLION dollars is up for grabs during March Madness. All online bookies should be salivating over those numbers.

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