Can I Bet on NFL Games Online From Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

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While the US Supreme Court has now made sports betting legal in the Unite States, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska residents will not be able to bet the NFL in any of the state's casinos for the upcoming 2018 season.  Do not dispair as a few dozen of internationally licensed sportsbooks will accept wagers on the upcoming NFL and College Football season.


Oklahoma - Any effot to offer sports betting in the state will likely involve compacts with the tribes.

"If we do it, there's going to be a lot of debate over whether or not this is the direction we need to go," said House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City. "I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that this is something Oklahoma will do. But the foregone conclusion is that it is something Oklahoma will analyze."

Kansas and Missouri - Neither are likely to legalize sports betting any time soon.

Missouri's legislature has already recessed for the year. Lawmakers looking to allow sports betting in the "Show Me State" were looking to do so via the riverboat casinos.

In Kansas, Rep. Jan Kessinger, R-Overland Park, offered a sports betting bill that received a hearing but failed to gain much traction.

“This is the trigger,” he said, “the catalyst for Kansas to be able to put together a good sports betting bill.”

“I think there will be some sensitivity (to sports betting), but I don’t know how much,” said Rep. Ron Highland, R- Wamego, who is the vice chairman of the House Federal and State Affairs committee. “And then what the predictive revenue is going to be is one of the deciding factors.”

A representative with Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway opposed the bill, saying the state could wait another year.

Nebraska - “Sports betting is illegal in Nebraska and we have no plans to change that,” Governor Pete Ricketts said following the Supreme Court ruling.

He added: “For every dollar in tax revenue, you spend three in social services” to combat the effects of gambling.

Opening odds to win Super Bowl 53 

Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII
07:58 PM 5321 New England Patriots   +625  
5326 Philadelphia Eagles   +800  
5320 Minnesota Vikings   +1000  
5318 Los Angeles Rams   +1200  
5327 Pittsburgh Steelers   +1200  
5312 Green Bay Packers   +1400  
5322 New Orleans Saints   +1600  
5313 Houston Texans   +2000  
5315 Jacksonville Jaguars   +2000  
5317 Los Angeles Chargers   +2000  
5328 San Francisco 49ers   +2000  
5302 Atlanta Falcons   +2200  
5323 New York Giants   +2800  
5305 Carolina Panthers   +3300  
5309 Dallas Cowboys   +3300  
5310 Denver Broncos   +3300  
5316 Kansas City Chiefs   +3300  
5325 Oakland Raiders   +3300  
5303 Baltimore Ravens   +4000  
5311 Detroit Lions   +5000  
5314 Indianapolis Colts   +5000  
5329 Seattle Seahawks   +5000  
5331 Tennessee Titans   +5000  
5308 Cleveland Browns   +6600  
5330 Tampa Bay Buccaneers   +6600  
5301 Arizona Cardinals   +7500  
5332 Washington Redskins   +7500  
5304 Buffalo Bills   +8000  
5306 Chicago Bears   +10000  
5307 Cincinnati Bengals   +10000  
5319 Miami Dolphins   +10000  
5324 New York Jets   +10000  


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