Ver: COVID-19 Lockdowns Will Kill More Than Disease Itself

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Aaron Goldstein
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Referred to as "Bitcoin Jesus," one of Bitcoin's earliest investors, Roger Ver, is among those in the camp that believes stringent home lockdowns to combat the Covid-19 pandemic will cause more harm than good.

Ver is considered the co-creator of Bitcoin Cash, which was up 10% Monday in trading to $256.00.

He's not alone in his assessment of the potential economic damage such lockdowns might cause.

Psychotherapist Sheri Serife Ucar and Bitcoin Cash advocate Sheri Serife Ucar agreed with Ver, warning that a depression is possible and many will not survive such an economic collapse.

Meanwhile, markets across the globe have reacted to some good news that daily death tolls associated with Covid-19 in some European nations appear to be on the decline.

The Dow was up nearly 1300 points.  Bookmaker.eu had the Dow favored to close OVER the 22250 mark at -130.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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