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Somewhere along the way, tiny little Rhode Island has developed into one of the largest states in terms of College Basketball fan bases, making this state a bookie's dream well past the Super Bowl

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Below are the teams your Rhode Island clientele will focus most on when placing a wager:

College Basketball Heaven

The Providence Friars and Rhode Island Rams are two of the more successful College Basketball teams in the land, attracting large numbers of sports bettors in the state.

Over the last two years, the Rams have managed to play into the second round of the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament.

Providence have made it into March Madness play over the past five seasons.

Both teams do have significantly long odds of winning the NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship in 2019.

Patriots Pride

No team is fan favorite in more states than the Patriots. Five states--all in New England--have the Pats as their favorite team, and this includes the state of Rhode Island. Since 2017, however, the New York Giants have been the most popular team in Connecticut.

Red Sox Dominance

77% of those Major League Baseball tickets sold in the state of Rhode Island are to Red Sox games. 5% are for Yankees games. 

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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