Alleged Mob Boss Murderer Likely Dead Meat

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Anthony Comello is suspected of murdering 53-year-old mob boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali, but prison may be the safest place for him as sources close to the Staten Island police say the cold blooded killer "has an X on his back".


The reputed boss of New York’s Gambino crime family was shot to death in front of his Staten Island home March 14 by a gunman who may have staged a car accident to lure him outside, dying a virtual unknown compared with his swaggering 1980s-era predecessor, John Gotti.

Investigators believe Comello, 24, murdered Cali after he was prevented from dating the mob boss' niece.

From the New York Post:

Officials haven’t confirmed that the Gambino crime family has posted a bounty on Anthony Comello, but “the general feeling is that there’s an ‘X’ on this guy’s back,” one source said.

“He’s going to have some issues in jail,” a high-ranking NYPD official said.

“Maybe there’s some guys who are wiseguys in jail who will show their allegiance to the Gambinos and say, ‘We’ll take care of this guy.’ ”

A number of Cali's cronies are believed to be serving in Upstate New York prisons. Comello is locked up in New Jersey’s Ocean County Jail pending charges.

"Revenge" murders of jailed organized crime figures are nothing new.  Last October, infamous Boston crime boss and longtime FBI informant James “Whitey” Bulger was brutally murdered and left unrecognizable in a West Virginia prison.  Authorities theorize Bulger was the victim of a murder-for-hire. 

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