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It's that time of year!  The YouWager 2018 NFL Survivor pool is now open for registrations and you can also claim your 100% signup bonus up to $1000.  The grand prize is $50,000.  Use PROMO CODE G911

How it Works

The pool is a “Survivor Pool” format. Each week you select one NFL team to win the game. There are NO point spreads. If you win, you continue picking next week. It's sudden death (elimination) once your team loses. The last player(s) remaining will collect or share the pot.

The 2018 NFL Survivor Pool Rules

Use the promo code above G911 when registering.

You can only pick a team once.  So if you picked the Patriots to win in Week 1, you cannot pick them again to win in Week 4.

Picks must be made prior to the start of the first NFL game of that weekThis means that if you pick a team playing Monday Night, you still have to make your pick prior to the Thursday night game of that week.

The cost is $100 USD per entry.

Selections in games that are:  Cancelled - Not played to completion will count as a win. Regardless of the team a contestant selected. Going forward, those contestants can’t select either team from the disrupted game

In the event of more than one survivor at the season’s final week, a tie-breaker determines the winner. Every week, you must guess the combined score of the last game. The system calculates the difference between the guess and the final score for each week. The differences for each week get added up to get the season long difference. The survivor with the lowest season long difference, wins the tie breaker. If more than one survivor has the exact same difference they have to share the pot.

If you purchase more than one entry click the drop-down button titled “Current Pools” to see a list of the different entries. Remember, each new entry has a new screen name associated with it. So, remember the new screen names you select and the picks tied to that entry.


- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

Football News News

FanDuel Line on the Patriots-Chiefs Game

FanDuel Line on the Patriots-Chiefs Game

The FanDuel line on the Patriots-Chiefs game has not moved off the -3 favoring Kansas City.  This is true of most books.

Draftkings Line on the Rams-Saints Game

Draftkings Line on the Rams-Saints Game

The Draftkings line on the Rams-Saints game had moved down to New Orleans -3 after staying mostly on the -3.5.

Betting The Total - 2019 AFC Championship

The New England Patriots have finally met their match as they head to snowy, cold, Arrowhead stadium for the AFC Championship Game.

Bet the Rams to Win Outright Against Saints - Payout

Bet the Rams to Win Outright Against Saints - Payout

You can bet the LA Rams to win the 2019 NFC Championship outright against the New Orleans Saints.  The payout here is $15.60 for every $10 bet.   Not too shabby. These prices are subject to fluctuations until they are locked in.

2019 AFC Championship Game Picks – New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

2019 AFC Championship Game Picks – New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs rode the strong arm of their brilliant young quarterback to the best record in the AFC and just the second conference championship game in franchise history.