Gay Premiership footballers finally revealed?

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C Costigan
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It has been a mystery that's gripped a nation of diehard football fans for nearly two weeks now.  That mystery may soon be solved as News of the World continues to tease us with distorted photos and other tantalizing tales of gay sex orgies among England's Premiership football league, including a now infamous vibrating cell phone stuffed down the pants routine.

As reported in the News of the World last week, the Premiership idols at the centre of a gay sex scandal are part of a gang of players who regularly take part in debauched romps, we can reveal today.

The week prior, News of the World told how two stars—an England international and a multi-million-pound midfielder — used a vibrating mobile in an obscene sex game.

Now a nightclub insider who knows the players involved has come forward to reveal a SECOND orgy involving Player A from the first romp—and TWO more top-flight players.

"I went back to a player's house with two other stars after we'd been drinking one night," said our source. "The player whose house it was went to his bedroom and came back with five grand in cash, threw it on the table and said: ‘Who will suck my ****?'"

The star—who performed oral sex on Player B mentioned last week—was glad to oblige.

The story has a world of web surfers on the edge of their seats wondering who these gay footballers might be.

Early this week,'s traffic out of the United Kingdom averaged an unprecedented 50%.

Dozens of web sites worldwide have been linking to's coverage of this story and our own attempts in trying to find out who the players in question might be.

Our own Jenny Woo even set odds on which of the English Premiership footballers may have been involved in the lascivious sex romps

Another web site apparently has beat us to the punch it seems. has been unable to verify if the allegations listed are true but can re-produce the following photographs being posted across the web in internet based gossip groups, and they did just that. 

The web site posted the above pictures of MasterStepz and Ashley Cole (Source: Choice FM website) points out that the watch clearly visible on Ashley Cole on the official Choice FM photograph is missing on the photograph of “player A” published in the News of the World, and his fingers are in a different position.

However, an expert in computer based photo editing (who did not want to be named), told “the News of the World's photograph appears to have been crudely edited in Photoshop. There is a lighter area of skin on Player A's arm, where the watch may have been edited out.

"In addition, there is a noticeable mark on Player A's chin, in the same position as the index finger on the chin of Ashley Cole in the photograph posted on the Choice FM website.

"A closer examination of the shadows and creases on the shirts also indicates that the News of the World photograph is an edited version of the Choice FM photograph.”

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Christopher Costigan,

Originally published February 25, 2006 8:10 am ET

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