Where Can I Bet on Mitch McConnell Replacement, Trump Bankruptcy?

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Following the news of Mitch McConnell’s plan to retire after the General Election this year, many are wondering who will fill his shoes.

We created a list of next Republican Senate Leader candidates and set odds for each, which you can find below.

John Barrosso is at the top with 2/1 odds. John Thune and John Cornyn are second and third on the list, respectively.

The rest of the Top 5 is rounded out by non-Johns with Steve Daines and Rick Scott. Those five men are the only candidates with better than 10/1 odds.

Some of the longshots on the board include Rand Paul and Susan Collins.

In other political news, there's now a prop bet for whether or not Donald Trump will declare bankruptcy before the election. The odds below imply a 66.7% probability that Trump will indeed declare bankruptcy.

Next Republican Senate Leader            

John Barrosso               2/1

John Thune                   3/1

John Cornyn                 4/1

Steve Daines                 6/1

Rick Scott                     7/1

Tim Scott                      12/1

Joni Ernst                      28/1

Shelley Moore Capito    28/1

J.D. Vance                     35/1

Lindsey Graham           40/1

Marco Rubio                 50/1

Ron Johnson                 80/1

Tommy Tuberville         80/1

Katie Britt                     100/1

Ted Cruz                       100/1

Rand Paul                     150/1

Susan Collins                 250/1


Will Donald Trump file for bankruptcy before 2024 General Election?

Yes       1/2                  

No        3/2                  

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