Where Can I Bet the Gatorade Color Super Bowl Prop From My State?

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Don Shapiro
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BetUS is one of the few online sportsbooks that will be taking bets on the Gatorade bath color at this year's Super Bowl from all US states.  While popular, most state regulators prohibit bets on this time honored Super Bowl tradition with a few exceptions.  BetUS holds an international license and has been taking wagers from those 18 and up in the US for 30 years now.


States Where Regulators Allow Betting on the Gatorade Bath

Betting on the Gatorade bath is only permitted at state regulated websites in three states.  They are New Jersey, Illinois and West Virginia.  This means if you have a FanDuel account in any of these states, you can bet this particular prop there.  Otherwise, BetUS and local bookies provide another option.

Gatorade Bath Color Odds at BetUS

Rot     Color Of Sports Drink Liquid Poured On Winning Coach     MoneyLine
81001     Purple         +300
81002     Red         +300
81003     Blue         +350
81004     Lime/Green/Yellow         +275
81005     Orange         +300
81006     Clear/Water         +400
81007     No Liquid To Be Poured On Winning Coach         +1800
Super Bowl LVIII: Sports Drink Specials. All wagers have action. BetUS' decision is final.
Rot     Position Of Player To Pour Sports Drink Liquid On Winning Coach?     MoneyLine
81051     Offensive         -120
81052     Defensive         -120
81053     Both Offensive & Defensive         +300
Super Bowl LVIII: Sports Drink Specials. All wagers have action. BetUS' decision is final.
Rot     Will The Sports Drink Liquid Be Poured On The Winining Coach Of Super Bowl LVIII Before The End Of The Game?     MoneyLine
81101     Yes         -190
81102     No         +140

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History of the Gatorade Bath

The Gatorade bath is said to have originated from one of two incidents.

In the mid-80's when Jim Burt performed the action on Giants head coach Bill Parcells after being angered over the coach's treatment of him that week.

Burt insisted that Harry Carson be the one to dump the Gatorade on Parcells, because he was a favorite and wouldn't get in trouble.

Former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Dan Hampton insists it was he who invented the shower, not Jim Burt.  In 1984, his team dunked Bears head coach Mike Ditka with a bucket of Gatorade upon clinching the NFC Central.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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