Worst Poker Beats Ever: Justin Phillips vs. Motoyuki Mabuchi

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Gambling911.com looks at some of the worst poker beats as we head into this year’s World Series of Poker, today remembering what transpired between Justin Phillips and Motoyuki Mabuchi at the 2012 WSOP Main Event.  An interesting side note here is that this particular table featured Hollywood television star Ray Romano.

Mabuchi goes all in by throwing his stack across the table with Phillips immediately calling him. Things get crazy!!!!

Mabuchi turns out to havefour Aces, a super rare hand that beats everything else with the exception of a straight flush.

So what does Phillips have?

You guessed it.

A straight flush.

But that’s not all!!!!

Phillips also has a royal flush, the greatest possible hand.

As it turns out, the odds of seeing both quad Aces and a royal flush in the same hand may be greater than getting struck by lightning twice, somewhere around 2.7 billion to 1.

Watch it all unfold below and the reactions are priceless.

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