Hundreds of Web Gambling Firms in Malta and 30,000 Buried Alien Skulls

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There are hundreds of Web gambling sites based out of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta, including our friends at LiveCasino.com, and now we are learning there may be 30,000 alien skulls buried here as well.

A woman running for Congress in the US claims she knows this….because she was abducted by aliens at the age of 7.

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, a Republican candidate for a congressional district in Florida.

From New York Magazine:

She claims that the aliens have communicated with her telepathically several times since then, implying that they enjoyed her company the first time around.

There are also multiple interviews posted on YouTube in which Rodriguez Aguilera ventures into more fine-grained detail about her adventure. According to McClatchy, she learned several fascinating factoids from the aliens, including that there are 30,000 non-human skulls in a cave on the island of Malta, and that the Coral Castle, a limestone structure and tourist destination in South Florida, is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid, which Ben Carson would probably be interested to know.

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