We Welcome G911 Latest Twitter Followers: Top Oddsmaker and His Story

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Thrilled to have a few new followers for our active Twitter feed.

Adam Chernoff (Oddsmaker) is one of our latest followers.  From Saskatchewan originally, Adam is now an oddsmaker in Medellín, Colombia.  Adam has some great history delving into the history of online gambling here.

Below are more of our great Twitter followers in recent days and we appreciate their reading the Gambling911.com website.  Follow any of these folks if you find you have similar interests.

rima Pandey (Sexy Model)  Onlot (Investment Company)  Charlie Shin (Sports Fan)  Adam Chernoff (Oddsmaker)  Chris Wright (Sports Fan and Software Developer)   JB (Sports Fan and Handicapper)    VSiN (Media)   Dan "mort"(Sports Fan)  Joe Bombito (Sports Fan)   Phinn (Gambling Enthusiast)   Mat Pops (Gambler)    Nik Riehle (Sports Fan)   Las Vegas Sports (Media)    JIMMY RICHAUN HOLMES (DFS Fan)   OutOfRabbits (Sports Handicapper)   Brandon Coble (Business Owner)  Irish Mob (Sports Handicapper) 

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911com

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Reef Media Affiliates Now a Gambling911.com Fan

Reef Media Affiliates Now a Gambling911.com Fan

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