Hot Now: Trump Jail Time Odds Pay Out $80 on a $10 Bet, Plus Farewell Hotel Delrey

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The coverage of our betting odds on former US President Donald J. Trump have been on fire these past few days following news of his indictment.   And the wagering activity should only get hotter as Tuesday approaches.

Trump is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday to face a New York City indictment.  Reports suggest he is being charged with over two dozen counts but the indictment remains sealed.

In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg defended his investigation into payments made during Trump's 2016 presidential campaign to silence claims of an extramarital sexual encounter.   He submitted a letter to three Republican House committee chairs Friday that such claims the case is without merit are “misleading and meritless” and rebuffed congressional probing into the grand jury process — by law, a confidential one.


“We urge you to refrain from these inflammatory accusations, withdraw your demand for information, and let the criminal justice process proceed without unlawful political interference,” Bragg wrote to Reps. James Comer, Jim Jordan and Bryan Steil.

Meanwhile, BetOnline has released a series of new betting props tied to the former President and his legal woes.  These include whether Trump will serve any jail time before 2025 with the NO and overwhelming favorite while the YES currently pays out $80 for every $10 bet.

The OVER is now the favorite in terms of number of indictments, which BetOnline placed at 2.5.  The UNDER had been the favorite up until March 31.

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Famed Bookie Hot Spot in Costa Rica Shuttered

We reported on Friday how the beloved and notorious Hotel Delrey had been shut down by the Costa Rican government for failure to pay their taxes.

Oh the memories.  Anyone who is anyone in the offshore sports betting industry who has traveled to Costa Rica over the past three decades now has made a mandatory stop in the Hotel Delrey, located in what is commonly referred to as Gringo Gulch.

A close friend of the website advised of a new hot spot, the Hotel Taormina. 

"Thank, or blame, me later," he said.


In Case You Missed It

Kentucky took many of us here at by surprise after lawmakers passed legislation that will allow legalized sports betting in the commonwealth.

It was widely believed the votes were not quite there with a special 23-vote thresold rule in place but that legislation stood a better chance of sailing through next year. 

Even the night before the vote, Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer (R, Georgetown) said the votes simply were not there. 

"As of this moment, it does not," he revealed as to the expected vote count in favor. "But there are some undecideds and I’m hopeful that with a good night’s sleep and a fresh set of eyes that we can have the votes to pass it tomorrow (Thursday),” he said.

- Chris Costigan, Publisher

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