Stanley Cup Playoff Betting System That Just Keeps Winning

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Jagajeet Chiba
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It's a hockey betting system that "never fails" according to's own Carnac the Magnificent, Thomas Somach.

The system went 6-2 this year and 5-3 last year.

"It simply wins every year," he proclaimed.

Take all the dogs in the first games of the NHL playoffs


"I think there’s a lot of nerves for the players in the first game and that neutralizes any advantage with that then wears off quick," Somach explains.

He even provided his winning tickets.

"If you deleted them, I can send again."

We kept them.  He sends us about ten winning tickets a week.  Way to go Tom!

unibettickets (1).png

somtick2 (1).png

somtick3 (1).png
"Everyone is raving that I told about this," the always modest Somach gloated.  "The wins included two huge underdogs winning."

They were the expansion team Seattle winning at Stanley Cup champ Colorado and LA winning in Edmonton.

Meanwhile, it's been 24 hours since Somach was last able to access his beloved Unibet website in the state of Pennsylvania.  We suggested they may have blocked him because he keeps winning. 

Unibet customer care told Somach on two occasions Tuesday there were no reports of any access issues to the site in PA.  But the intrepid reporter attempted to access via a VPN and still could not reach the website.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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