Sportsbooks Feeling the "McDavid Effect" Ahead of Playoffs

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( News Wire) - Hockey fans around the globe will be watching the Oilers start their playoff run tonight against L.A., but the sportsbooks don't want to see Edmonton and McDavid get out of the first round.


"The Oilers are our largest liability in terms of Stanley Cup futures, and it's not even close," Robert Cooper, Sportsbook Manager at, said. "Edmonton isn't the biggest market or even one of the most popular teams, so we point to the ‘McDavid Effect' when examining why the Oilers will be a massive loss for us if they take home the Cup."

Cooper said that over the weekend there was a steady stream of cash coming in on the Oilers, not only for the Stanley Cup, but also the Western Conference and their first-round series.

Edmonton's conference odds moved from +300 to +290 since Friday, while the Oilers' series price has jumped from -240 to -255.

The second-largest Cup loss for is Boston, but it's about half the amount of the Oilers. And half of the Bruins' liability is third with the New York Rangers.

"If it's a Bruins-Oilers finals...we're screwed," Cooper said.

Below are the latest Stanley Cup, conference and series odds. If you are able to use this information, please consider citing the source.

Series Odds

New York Islanders +190           

Carolina Hurricanes -220     


Florida Panthers +285           

Boston Bruins -355  


Minnesota Wild +130           

Dallas Stars -150


Los Angeles Kings +215   

Edmonton Oilers -255  


New York Rangers +100

New Jersey Devils -120


Tampa Bay Lightning +150           

Toronto Maple Leafs -170       


Winnipeg Jets +140         

Vegas Golden Knights -160   


Seattle Kraken +250

Colorado Avalanche -300


Stanley Cup                 

Boston Bruins                           +265

Edmonton Oilers                       +650

Colorado Avalanche                  +700

Toronto Maple Leafs                 +1000

Carolina Hurricanes                   +1200

New Jersey Devils                     +1200

New York Rangers                     +1200

Vegas Golden Knights                +1400

Dallas Stars                               +1600

Tampa Bay Lightning                 +2000

Minnesota Wild                        +2200

Los Angeles Kings                      +2500

Florida Panthers                        +2800

Winnipeg Jets                           +4000

New York Islanders                   +5000

Seattle Kraken                          +5000


Eastern Conference                 

Boston Bruins                           +140

Carolina Hurricanes                   +580

Toronto Maple Leafs                 +580

New York Rangers                     +630

New Jersey Devils                     +750

Tampa Bay Lightning                 +1100

Florida Panthers                        +1400

New York Islanders                   +2200


Western Conference                

Colorado Avalanche                  +290

Edmonton Oilers                       +290

Vegas Golden Knights                +500

Dallas Stars                               +600

Minnesota Wild                        +800

Los Angeles Kings                      +900

Winnipeg Jets                           +1400

Seattle Kraken                          +1600

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