2009 British Open

2009 British Open

Bookies Saved Millions at 2009 Open Championship

Most of the online bookmakers didn't even offer odds on the old timer Tom Watson.  The only thing that hurt the bookies was Watson coming in second to Stewart Cink, whose Tweeter followers are eno

Submitted by Payton on, Jul/19/2009

Online Sportsbooks Loving Tom Watson, Stuart Cink Playoff

The online sportsbooks were celebrating following a playoff showdown at the 2009 British Open featuring the most unlikely of golfers.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jul/19/2009

2009 British Open Payouts: Could be Enormous

With the 2009 British Open about to wind down, it's time to look at the possible payouts.  These payout odds were available as of last Monday at

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Jul/19/2009

Bookies Already Make Out Big With 2009 British Open

With the news that Tiger Woods has bowed out of the 2009 British Open, bookies the world over can breathe a tremendous sigh of relief.  Typically more than half the bets on any Major Championship

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/17/2009

Padraig Harrington May Still be Good Bet to Win Open Championship

Unlike a number of the golfers who were early favorites and now reduced to triple digit long shots after Day 1 action, oddsmakers were less inclined to touch Padraig Harrington.  He was listed wit

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/16/2009

2009 British Open Payout Odds (Updated Heading Into Friday)

Bet on Tiger Woods now!  His 2009 British Open payout odds are the best we have ever seen Tiger listed at: 

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/16/2009

WSOP, British Open Record Traffic to Gambling911 Site

Gambling911.com really experienced great traffic over the last three days thanks to the one-two punch of this week's British Open and the World Series of Poker main event.  It is truly gratifying

Submitted by Payton on, Jul/16/2009

2009 British Open: Other Bets to Consider

The 2009 British Open doesn't have to be just about betting on who the winner will be (albeit the payout can be extraordinary).   Numerous other bets are being offered in conjunction with the Bri

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jul/15/2009

Tiger Woods British Open Odds Would Pay Out $250

The best Tiger Woods British Open odds we could find were at

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/15/2009

Open Championship Betting (Best Odds)

Gambling911.com believes the best Open Championship betting odds have come from

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Jul/15/2009

2009 British Open Odds (Comparisons - Updated July 15)

Here are your comprehensive 2009 British Open odds where we review the best payout potentials when comparing different online bookmakers.  These British Open betting odds have been updated as of 2

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/15/2009

Rory McIlroy Open Championship Odds Shorten

U.S. facing online bookmakers have begun to take notice of Rory McIlroy although some, like BetUS.com, still featured him among their "field" odds, with a payout potential of US$600 for every US$100 bet, which punters could also win should a few other low profile mostly unknown golfers win as well. 

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Jul/14/2009

Phil Ivey, Jessica Simpson and the 2009 British Open Traffic Success

(Gambling911.com Marketing) - Gambling911.com has been enjoying a nice surge in traffic over the past few days thanks to the 2009 World Series of Poker and the upcoming British Open. 

Submitted by Payton on, Jul/14/2009

2009 British Open Betting Odds (Where The Action Is)

Who is betting what with the British Open?  The 2009 British Open Betting odds give us some clue as we can watch drastic line changes.  Remember, it is pertinent to

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/14/2009

Odds on 2009 British Open Released by Bookmaker

Bookmaker.com has finally released odds on the 2009 British Open, making them one of the last online sportsbooks to do so.

"Typically they are the first to release a line," said Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of Gambling911.com.  "Bookmaker.com is where the line originates, according to their slogan."

One thing Bookmaker.com offers that a lot of its competitors does not is British Open matchup betting.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jul/14/2009

2009 British Open Power Rankings

Want to know who to bet on at the 2009 British Open?   Why not hone in one the 2009 British Open Power Rankings.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jul/13/2009

2009 British Open Payout Odds (Updated Monday July 13)

Here are your latest 2009 British Open payout odds, keeping in mind that some online gambling websites may be offering payout odds that are $1000 or more than some of their competitors.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/13/2009

Online Poker Traffic Thrives With 2009 WSOP

I am truly excited by the amount of Web traffic coming in for Gambling911.com's poker coverage, and it's not just the World Series of Poker that is helping to fuel things.  Gambling911 has enjoyed

Submitted by Payton on, Jul/13/2009

British Open Betting Odds Reopened at Sports Interaction

After a weekend in which the Canadian-based online gambling website took down its 2009 British Open betting odds

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/13/2009

Odds to Win the 2009 British Open (Updated July 12)

Odds to win the 2009 British Open have been updated as of Sunday night with many changes taking place and online sportsbook lines varying across the board.   At the time of publication, a large m

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/12/2009

Ian Poulter Open Championship Odds Pay Better Outside Europe

What we have found here at Gambling911.com is that Ian Poulter is not getting the same type of love at the US facing online sportsbooks that he is getting from those based in Europe.

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Jul/12/2009

BetUS.com, Sportingbet Benefit From Early British Open Betting

Remarkably quite a few of the online gambling websites have either not offered British Open betting or done so sporadically leading into the weekend prior to Thursday's start.  Much of this has to

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/12/2009

Betting on the British Open Made Easier With Field Option

Okay let's face it, picking someone to win the 2009 British Open is almost like trying to win the lottery even if your odds are much better.  Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington will be the two mos

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/11/2009

UFC 100 Draws Unusual Amount of Betting Action

Earlier in the week, Gambling911.com featured a story on how Mixed Martial Arts and - more specifically UFC - betting could get hot.

Matt Youmans of the Las Vegas Review Journal spoke to a number of Las Vegas oddsmakers who claimed that, while the UFC continues to gain steam, it is probably less than 1 percent of Nevada's overall sports betting handle.

Las Vegas Hilton sports book director Jay Kornegay called the 1 percent estimate mostly accurate but deceiving.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/11/2009

Sergio Garcia Open Championship Betting Odds

Sergio Garcia had the second shortest odds of anyone appearing in this week's Open Championship golf tournament after Tiger Woods.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jul/11/2009

Tiger Woods British Open Betting Odds (The Best Price)

Garnering about 50 percent of the 2009 British Open betting action over the next few days will be none other than "favorite by default" Tiger Woods.  It doesn't matter how well he's play

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jul/11/2009

Padraig Harrington Open Championship Betting Odds

When Padraig Harrington won the 2007 Open Championship, he started off with very long betting odds while enjoying a massive fan base back home in his native Ireland.  He ended up winning.  Last y

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Jul/10/2009

2009 British Open Betting Odds

2009 British Open betting odds have been posted with the event set to begin Thursday July 16.  The British Open is one of the most bet on events in the

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/10/2009

British Open Betting a Cure for the Recession Blues?

The British Open ranks as the most bet on event in the United Kingdom.  The popular golf tournament begins Thursday July 16.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jul/09/2009

Tiger Woods Favored to Win 2009 British Open

The only time Tiger Woods isn't favored to win a major golf tournament is when he's not playing in one.  The 2009 British Open is no different as Tiger Woods came in with 2/1 odds (found at

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jul/09/2009

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