Female Fencer On Losing Olympic Gold: “It’s Like Being Kicked in the Nuts”

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Ean Lamb
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Canadian fencer, Sherraine Schalm, described how it feels to not win an Olympic gold - or any medal for that matter.

"It's like I imagine being a man. It's like being kicked in the nuts repeatedly, that's how bad it feels. You feel like you want to curl up and die." - Schalm said after losing her round of 16 bout to a rival Hungarian opponent.

Another great 2008 Summer Olympics quote, courtesy of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil's president, after his country's 3-0 semifinal loss in men's soccer.

"I've never been so angry in all my life. I saw a team that didn't show any will to win. ...It's shameful to lose this way to Argentina.''

"I'm very good at knowing where to push the line. If I ever disrespect a ref, it's because they really screwed up." - Todd Rogers, U.S. beach volley ball player.

"I have been cheering for the Canucks for how long and they still haven't won a Stanley Cup. I still love them. I hope Canadians can think of us the same way." - Brent Hayden, Canadian swimmer, when asked if Canadians would be frustrated with the swim team's performance in Beijing.

The CBC had plenty more funny quotes from the Olympics here

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