Rock Bottom Kings App: SNL Mocks Sportsbook Ads

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Jagajeet Chiba
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You know commercials for mobile sportsbooks have hit an all time low when SNL features a funny (yet sad) skit mocking the nonstop ads.  Unless the NCAA opts once again to stop broadcasting spots for DraftKings and FanDuel, we can expect things to get worse throughout the month of March.


SNL's skit featured an app called "Rock Bottom Kings" that allows users to bet on their buddy's addiction and is billed as the only app that lets you bet on when your degenerate friend is finally gonna hit rock bottom.

The segment starts off as your typical sportsbook ad describing the satisfaction of placing a bet and "watching it hit big".

"The exhileration of an upset only YOU saw coming".


Alas, we are quickly brought back down to reality where the spokespersons express how "we all know a friend who struggles with online gambling.

"A friend who's on the verge of losing everything, his house, his family."

The skit quickly cuts to the new "Rock Bottom Kings" app.

True to reality, the app focuses on those rarely-ever-hitting four-team parlays.

"You can build a parlay on everything that can happen to him," the spot proclaims in reference to your degenerate gambler's fate.  "Divorce, marries rich old widow, arrested for elder fraud, and fakes his own death but is immediately caught at +10000".

Judging by the viewer comments, they seem to approve, or at least believe there is some realism to the skit.

"This sketch is too real  too many dudes i know are addicted to sports betting."

"I seriously think there’s gonna be a whole ass documentary about how when all the states legalized it, hella people got addicted (21-35 especially)."

"My cousin is 16 and gambles all the time it's insane how normalized it is."

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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