Wisconsin Union Busting Probably Not A Good Bet

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C Costigan
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Wisconsin Union Busting

Our friends at Bookmaker.com are considering offering a few good “government-related” bets in the coming days, looking at the “union busting” attempts in the state of Wisconsin as well as the potential for a US government shutdown.

Bookmaker.com CEO Mickey Richardson has already advised us that the prospect of a government shutdown as things stand now would meet underdog status as a compromise is likely to be reached based on recent news.  There is no guarantee Bookmaker.com is prepared to offer this betting option yet. 

The situation in Wisconsin may be a bit more murky with even odds likely for both sides of any collective bargaining bet (whether these rights are taken away or not).

A recent development could lean more in favor of support for the unions, as Rachel Maddow noted on her Twitter page Friday.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse faculty members Thursday approved forming a union:  249-37.

“Support for unions in WI manifesting in all sorts of ways I bet Republicans didn't expect,” Maddow of MSNBC fame said on her Twitter page.

As reported by Betsy Bloom of the Lacrosse Tribune (Lacrosse is a town in Wisconsin for those of you wondering, not a sports site), UW-L faculty members said they weren't daunted by the threat of losing bargaining powers.

"I think it's galvanized the faculty to maybe push back a little bit," said Darlene Lake, an associate professor of modern languages.

"I think we're much better off with a union than without it, particularly if the bill passes," history professor Deborah Buffton said.

The more likely odds offering we will see at Bookmaker.com is on which state will be next to eliminate union collective bargaining  - and, regardless of what you might have read elsewhere – New Jersey won’t be one of them.

- Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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