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Carrie Stroup
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Sarah Palin

Forget John McCain and Barack Obama, one enterprising website is already betting on Sarah Palin running for President in 2012.

http://www.palin4pres2012.com/ believes that GOP candidate, John McCain, will lose today.  With that said, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will bid farewell to her chance of becoming Vice President, at least for the time being.  Her aspirations might be higher, and that notion has been floated around the press for the past two weeks or so.

From Palin4Pres2012.com:

Today it appears likely that McCain and the GOP will suffer political defeat in the 2008 elections and now it is too late for even a major foreign policy or terror event or quick solution to the financial crisis to change the outcome of the election. This is not the fault of John McCain or Sarah Palin as I doubt even Ronald Reagan, if he could return in our hour of need, win this election following the total disaster and failure that was the Bush Administration.

America risks a "veto proof" liberal Democrat Party supermajority controlling the White House, Senate and the House of Representatives which will force a socialist program of wealth transfer, increased regulatory and tax burdens and a leftist social agenda on our nation.

This is the direct result of voter repudiation of the eight year disaster of the Bush/Cheney Administration when the party elites turned their backs on previous winning conservative and relatively free market policies of the GOP, Newt Gingrich and Ronald Reagan at home and abroad. Sadly, our nation has already suffered enough from the Neocon coup d'etat in foreign affairs plus the GOP incestuous relationship with big oil and Wall Street interests and their speculative excesses. The result has been a  global market & credit crisis followed by the subsequent $700 billion taxpayer bailout strongly opposed by the conservative grassroots in the GOP but touted by the Bush Administration and the leadership of both parties as "a quick fix to prevent immediate financial Armageddon".

America must elect a dedicated social & free market conservative for President in 2012. We believe Sarah Palin and real conservatives in the GOP, Democrats and third parties must come together to save the Republic and our economy though tried and true polices of the free market over special interest bailouts, incorporating responsible debt levels for the public and private sectors where America will again relearn how to responsibly live within our means following the political ideals and foreign policy of our Patriot Founding Fathers. It is time for a real change back to conservative economic and political solutions in 2012 before it is too late and the election of true conservatives starting in 2010 and Sarah Palin as President in 2012 will be major steps for a change in the right direction!

Odds have yet to be set by the folks from Sportsbook.com on a Palin Presidency but they might list them right after the election results are announced.  We shall see.  Certainly political betting will be missed.  It's resulted in millions of dollars in wagering thus far.

Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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