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President Obama

Leave it up to our friends at Paddy Power to come up with a bunch of President Obama betting specials that unfortunately US gamblers will not be able to bet since Ireland's biggest online bookmaker does not accept customers from the States.  Will that change under and Obama administration? 

Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, told Gambling911.com's Jenny Woo it might. 

"With the Obama administration you wouldn't see these bad regulations.  But what the Bush people try to do is to get this one done very hastily and with little preparation so it's in place when the Obama administration takes over.  But clearly we have more support opposing (these attempts to stop regulation) with more Democrats in Congress.  I wish it weren't an issue but the Republicans have made it one."

Present laws prohibit online gambling operators from accepting bets in the United States though many betting firms have gotten around this law by setting up shop in places like Costa Rica and Antigua, where these businesses are legal.  And while Ireland and the United Kingdom as a whole embrace online gambling, Paddy Power as a public company does not want to take a chance angering Uncle Sam at this time.

So for now Canadians, Europeans, Asians and Australians will have the delight of being able to bet on the likes of: 

What will happen first in the Obama admistration?      

Full Troop withdrawal from Iraq  2 - 5;  Legalisation of Marijuana*  12 - 1;  Moonwalk confirmed as a fake by Obama  50 - 1; Capture/death of Osama Bin Laden  6 - 1;  Online Gambling legalised*  16 - 1 

 Complete ban on privately owned guns*  100 - 1; Full National recognition of Same Sex Marriage*  7 - 1 

 Constitution changed to allow the President to serve 3 or more full terms*  16 - 1;  Discovery of Aliens on Mars  500 - 1 

There are also betting odds offered on whether Obama becomes a father again during his first term in office (10-1 odds); whether he is unable to finish his first term (16-1 odds); whether he is impeached at 33-1 odds; the first country he visits (the UK is 3-1, Iraq 5-1, Russia is 20-1, Iran is 66-1) and his highest approval rating.

Paddy Power has made Richard Holbrooke the 9-4 favorite to be chosen Obama's Secretary of State. 

Next Secretary of State odds included:

Richard Holbrooke  9 - 4 

 Daniel Shapiro  18 - 1 

 James Steinberg  28 - 1 

Anthony Lake  7 - 2 

 Daniel Kurtzer  20 - 1 

 Mara Rudman  33 - 1 

Richard Lugar  7 - 2 

 George Mitchell  20 - 1 

 Bill Clinton  33 - 1 

Bill Richardson  8 - 1 

 Eric Lynn  25 - 1 

 Colin Powell  50 - 1 

Chuck Hagel  12 - 1 

 Dennis Ross  25 - 1 

 Hillary Clinton  66 - 1 

John Kerry  12 - 1 

Susan Rice  25 - 1 

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