Paul Ryan was 10 to 1 Long Shot to be Chosen Romney Running Mate in Veepstakes

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Paul Ryan was 10 to 1 Long Shot to be Chosen Romney Running Mate in Veepstakes

Back in April, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was listed at 10-1 odds of being chosen as GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate.  Ahead of Ryan at, Marco Rubio at 3/1, Rob Portman at 5/1 and Chris Christie at 8/1. 


Make no mistake about it, Ryan’s name was among those mentioned often in recent months.  As such, the announcement Friday night that Ryan had been chosen as Romney’s running mate really didn’t come as much of a surprise. 

Romney later declared Ryan as “Intellectual Leader” of the GOP party.

"I am deeply excited and honored to join you as your running mate," Ryan said in his first words at the podium." He said that together, Republicans would eliminate the country's "debt, doubt and despair."

He said that "Regrettably, President Obama has become part of the problem, and Mitt Romney is the solution" to an economy that has yet to make a strong recovery from the worst recession in decades.

The Wisconsin Congressman certainly has the experience behind him, having served in that role since 1999.  He currently chairs the House Budget Committee and is often cited for what some on the other side of the aisle call a “radical economic policy” that would bring about drastic changes to Medicare. 

Ryan's selection — as well as Romney's own nomination — will be ratified by delegates to the Republican National Convention that begins on Aug. 27 in Tampa, Fla.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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