Obama Nationalization Controversy Has Little Affect on Odds

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Oddsmakers at Ireland's leading bookmaker, Paddy Power, have been listing odds on a Barack Obama impeachment or resignation since he was voted into office on that historic day last month.

The odds remain long despite growing coverage over his nationalization.

That online bookmaker was offering 28 to 1 odds that Obama would resign during his first term in office and 33 to 1 odds that he would be impeached.

With protesters gathering and praying on the front steps, the U.S. Supreme Court met in conference today to discuss whether or not to hear a case challenging Barack Obama's eligibility to be president.

"Obama was born a dual citizen," protester Roger Bredow told the Washington, D.C., local events blog, DCist. "British, and a citizen of the United States, at birth."

His dad was born in Kenya, which at the time was under British rule, but the President-Elect's mom is American and that is where she gave birth to Barack.

The case of Leo C. Donofrio v. New Jersey Secretary of State Nina Mitchell Wells, which claims Obama does not meet the Constitution's Article 2, Section 1 "natural-born citizen" requirement for president, was initially denied a hearing by Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter, but Justice Clarence Thomas agreed to bring it back for review today.

In order to go forward in the process, the case needs four of the Supreme Court's nine justices to approve a full hearing.

There are those who argue that dual citizenship makes one ineligible to take the oath of office.  Most experts believe the argument will never be heard by the nine justices. 

Ironically, it was Obama's opponent, John McCain, who was questioned during the campaign related to nationalization.  McCain was born in Panama, but on a US military base.

Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com 


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