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There is further speculation that Hillary Clinton may have risen to the top of Democratic US Presidential nominee Barack Obama's short list of running mates. The BetUS.com website had Hillary Clinton an easy 3/1 favorite (listed as +300) over other names that were being thrown about two weeks ago.

The two joined forces yet again to raise support and cash Wednesday, prompting the speculation. The two were joined by Caroline Kennedy.

Clinton is among a list of many people Obama will consider as a running mate. And while some pundits think her chances of being offered the role are not very high, online oddsmakers feel entirely different.

Hillary Clinton suddenly found herself as the 2-1 favorite to become the next Democratic Vice Presidential nomination on Thursday at Sportsbook.com

For gamblers, the Vice Presidential race promises the most bang for one's buck since both Obama and McCain have remained tight lipped about their prospective choice. Oddsmakers remain conservative in their publication of odds to become the next US President as Obama sits as the -225 favorite while McCain is only a slight underdog at +150. Obama's odds indicate that gamblers would require a $2.25 bet to win $1.00 (and get back their initial wager if he wins). A $1.00 bet on McCain would currently pay $1.50 if he were to become the next President of the United States. Odds are locked in once the bet is placed as these numbers are likely to move over the course of the next few months.

The vast majority of bets are placed on Election Day itself with millions of dollars coming in across several online gambling websites during the 2004 US Presidential election.

"The most bet on nonsporting event over the Internet was the 2004 US Presidential race," disclosed Payton O'Brien, who has been interviewed by Chief Executive Magazine regarding the campaign. "This race promises to top that one especially with more options available to bettors."

Originally, Mrs. Clinton had been listed as the 3 to 1 favorite of becoming the next US President. Obama was at 7/2 odds. John McCain opened around 6/1 odds and dropped significantly into double digits just prior to the Primary season when most believed his campaign was left for dead.


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