Obama Cabinet Picks: Betting Odds Sure To Heat Up

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C Costigan
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Hillary Clinton

At present few of the online gambling websites were offering Obama cabinet picks betting odds.  One of the lone exceptions - Ireland's Paddy Power.  And while Paddy doesn't take bets from US citizens, this election was after all a world affair so it probably won't matter much.

Of special interest to the rest of the world that will want to be betting on the Obama administration, who will be his Secretary of State?

Today's news centered heavily on former Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry.   Kerry was listed as a 12-1 long shot at Paddy Power so this one might be worth a bet.  Instead, they had Richard Holbrooke as the 9-4 favorite followed by Anthony Lake and Richard Lugar, both with 8-1 odds.  

In case you were interested, Bill Clinton was at 33-1 odds.  That might be worth a small wager.

It remains to be seen what other odds begin cropping up in relation to Obama's potential cabinet picks.  What we do know now is that betting on this political betting opportunities are far from over.  In fact, they just got more fun.

Here is what Gambling911.com would like to see the oddsmakers offer:

Odds on what role Hillary Clinton will play in an Obama administration:

The New York Times has pointed out that Obama is reaching deep into the Clinton pedigree, so it would make sense that he won't be neglecting Hillary.

Introducing his first appointments as president-elect, Mr. Obama reached deep into the Clinton fold on Wednesday, naming John D. Podesta, a former White House chief of staff, to lead his transition team. He has asked another former Clinton aide, Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, to be his own chief of staff and is said to be choosing between two other Clinton veterans for national security adviser.


Clinton has said she is not interested in a cabinet position.  Alas, that is what they all say and Gambling911.com would make her the odds on favorite to be appointment to the Supreme Court.

We also want to see odds on how many Republicans are appointed to the Obama cabinet and whether there is any chance for John McCain to find a place in the Obama administration.  Doubtful but we shall see. 

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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