Midterm Elections Predictions From Root: “Obama Unhinged”

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Wayne Allyn Root
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Midterm Elections Predictions

The following commentary is from Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian party and Special Contributor to the Gambling911.com website.  His views do not necessarily reflect those of this website or its Management. 

Think Reagan vs. Carter in 1980. The Presidential race was dead even until days to go. At the last moment, common sense mainstream American voters all broke the same way, at the same time, to the same place- Reagan. It’s happening before our eyes again this Tuesday. American mainstream voters are abandoning Obama, big government, tax and spend, and any hint of socialism. The landslide will be bigger than anyone- including me- realized even days ago.

As a Las Vegas Oddsmaker-turned-Vice Presidential nominee, I predicted a historic 50 to 60 seat GOP House victory only a week ago. But that was before Obama unhinged in front of the country. That was before Obama lowered the office of the President by appearing as a guest on the Jon Stewart Show, where the Commander-in-Chief was called “dude” by a comedian. That was before our leader called the lame job done by his failed economic advisor Larry Summers “a heck of a job.” That was before Obama lowered himself by arguing with protestors at a Democratic rally. That was before Obama appeared on Univision (Hispanic TV) to call mainstream voters who disagree with illegal immigration “enemies.” That was before he gave divisive speeches across the country telling Republicans to “ride in the back.” That was before ABC’s “The View” host Joy Behar called Nevada Tea Party Senate candidate Sharron Angle a “bitch” on national TV and compared her commercials about illegal immigration to Nazi propaganda films. And let’s not forget the high-profile NPR (National Public Radio) controversy of days ago- the disgraceful firing of commentator Juan Williams for exercising his free speech and speaking honestly and fairly about an issue that I’ll bet 80% of Americans agree on.

The left is coming unhinged. It’s a meltdown on the biggest stage in the world. Obama and his cronies appear angry, bitter, and unstable. They sound-to be blunt- nutty. And mainstream American voters are turned off and FRIGHTENED by this leftist mental breakdown.

Mainstream American voters hate “radical, extreme and dangerous.” Ironically those are the three powerful words Democrats tried to tie to the Tea Party candidates. Yet it’s Obama and Democrats who appear radical, extreme and dangerous in the closing days of this campaign.     

The result? I now predict historic GOP and independent voting gains. Instead of a 50 to 60 seat shift in the House, I now predict a 60 to 70 seat GOP gain as within reach. Yes, SEVENTY. And I see independent candidates across the country gaining as well. Libertarian Party and other independent candidates will see the highest vote totals in half a century. In particular, Libertarian vote totals in Ohio and Indiana should break all-time records. Tom, Tancredo could be the next Governor of Colorado as an independent. In other words, voters are turning to anyone, but Obama and the Democratic Party.

Once and for all, big government expansion, tax and spend, and socialism will be repudiated by the American people. The massive landslide on Tuesday will “shock and awe” the pundits, media know-it-alls, and Beltway insiders.

Wayne Allyn Root, is the author of the new paperback, "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold, and Tax Cuts.” He is a Las Vegas oddsmaker turned Vice Presidential nominee. Root is available to the media to provide pre and post election analysis, discussion and debate. His website is: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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