Kathleen Sebelius Vice President Odds - Can She be Obama's Running Mate?

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Kathleen Sebelius, the Kansas Governor, may have become a bit of a long shot in recent days to become Barack Obama's running mate. Sebelius's Vice President odds were listed at 7/1 just last week.

She is the second female governor of Kansas, the 2008 respondent to the State of the Union address and chair-emerita of the Democratic Governors Association.

In 2001 Sebelius was named as one of Governing Magazine's Public Officials of the Year while she was serving as Kansas Insurance Commissioner.

In November 2005, Time named Sebelius as one of the five best governors in America, praising her for eliminating a $1.1 billion debt she inherited, ferreting out waste in state government, and strongly supporting public education - all without raising taxes, although she proposed raising sales, property, and income taxes[. Also praised was her bipartisan approach to governing, a useful trait in a state where Republicans have usually controlled the Legislature.

Sebelius wouldn't say much during public appearances over the last two days other than a few nice things about her candidate.

"We think Barack Obama is exactly the leader we need to get this country back on track," she told the gaggle of reporters now shadowing her every move.

When one asked whether she had received a phone call from Obama's people telling her about his decision, she said, "I don't really comment on my phone calls."

When another reporter asked whether she would consider a cabinet post if she's not picked as VP, she said:

"That's a long way down the road," she said.

She then walked to her meeting, leaving reporters with a smile and an upbeat "Nice to see you all!"

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Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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