John McCain Doesn't Care About Internet Gambling

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In an interview with Erin Neff of the Las Vegas Review Journal Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain, made it clear that an all out ban on Internet gambling is a very low priority for his future administration. "The economy is what's hurting the gaming industry in Las Vegas today," McCain said. "It isn't sports betting or Internet gaming." On Internet gaming, McCain was just off his game, according to Neff. First he tried to back away from his position because he hasn't been involved in it lately. Then he said it was really fellow Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl's deal. Kyl was a co-author of recently past Internet gambling prohibition - the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act - and has been among the industry's most aggressive foes over the past decade. "I haven't thought about the issue," McCain said when pressed further by the Vegas-based reporter. The Las Vegas casino industry has been outspoken about legalizing online gambling so that it can get a piece of the billion dollar plus pie. Likewise, the Internet poker craze, which has shown little sign of slowing down, has provided the Nevada casino city with a major economic boost during the hot summer months through its hosting of the World Series of Poker. The WSOP was fueled mostly through online play. McCain only expressed concern over underage gamblers having the ability to open online betting accounts. This is an issue that has long been addressed by the industry as a whole however. The Arizona Senator also said he has essentially given up on trying to stop betting on college games. McCain believed that college games were more prone to being fixed. "The issue of college betting is not going anywhere. ... The sports betting thing, that was over years ago," he added. "I've faced reality. It's just like with immigration reform. Americans want a secure border." Several prominent figures in the world of online gambling have leant their financial support to the McCain campaign.

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