Give the Gift of Trump This Christmas…We're Talking Bet Specials

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If you really want to make your Donald Trump-loving friends happy this Christmas, or maybe piss off a few Liberals….Give them the gift of Trump.  There are plenty of Trump betting specials still available now that he is the US President-Elect.  Don’t see your favorite bets?  Ask Dave Mason @DaveMasonBOL on Twitter.


Trump to Last His Full Term

He’s a favorite to do so currently at 1/3 but failing to do so does pay 3/1. As such this should be a popular bet among liberals.

Donald Trump Bans Santa Claus From US by 2020

He's a fat old loser being flown around by lyme-disease carrying deer (sorry kids) without a passport but the odds are 1000-1.

Not to be Re-Elected in 2020

The odds here are 4/7.  We here at are not entirely sure if the above bet special cancels this one out or not (i.e. fails to finish his full term) or if it’s only action if he runs again.  Be sure to check with the bookmaker as rules may vary.

ObamaCare to be Fully Repealed by January 2016

As of December 25, 2016, only Europe’s Betway was offering this particular Trump wagering special, and at 2/1 odds.  We anticipate this being a popular option come the new year among the North American facing online bookmakers.

More Odds

Impeachment – 6/4

Trump Not to Last a Year in Office – 2/1

Wall to be Completed on US-Mexican Border by 2020 – 3/1

Trump to Serve Two Full Terms – 4/1

Mike Pence to Become President in 2024 – 9/2

Nigel Farage to be Next US Ambassador to UK – 7/1

Barbara Streisand to Move to Canada – 20/1

Cher to Move Out of US During Trump Term – 33/1

Canada to Ban Immigration From US in 2017 – 66/1

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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Where Can I Find Betting on Trump?

BetOnline has cornered the Trump betting market with odds on the total number of indictments and non-extradition country the former President might flee to.