87 Percent Chance Obama Will Become Next US President

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Online political prediction market, intrade.com, has Democratic US Presidential nominee Barack Obama winning. That's hardly news but the website now has his chances at 87 percent. It was just over a month ago when Republican nominee John McCain and Obama were in a virtual dead heat.

The national polls have yielded similar results.

Obama leads McCain by 9 points (52-43 percent) in a national Gallup poll, published yesterday, based on likely voters' current voting intentions.

The latest national Rasmussen poll says Obama leads McCain by 8 points (52-44 percent) while the latest Electoral College projections show Obama leading 260-163.

Facing these discouraging poll numbers, Senator John McCain on Sunday insisted his campaign is closing the gap on Barack Obama and predicted a come-from-behind victory to claim the White House on Nov. 4.

"We are doing fine. You're going to be up very late on election night," McCain told NBC's Meet the Press. "This is going to be a very close race and I believe I'm going to win it."

But with only a few days left until the Elections, that's going to be tough, especially with early voting at a record high.


Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor

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