2012 US Presidential Election Odds Now Posted

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Carrie Stroup
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It's never too soon to look ahead four years we suppose. And Sportsbook.com is doing just that. They have added a whole slate of 2012 US Presidential Election odds.

Among the offerings:

2012 US Election

"To Be Elected",

"Party Elected",

"Democratic Nominee"

"Republican Nominee"

They will also be adding some Joe The Plumber odds, though Gambling911.com suspects his 15 minutes of fame pretty much ended after CNN's Rick Sanchez made him out to look like a clown.

Not surprisingly, Barack Obama was the near even favor to be re-elected come 2012. Sarah Palin would pay out $1200 for every $100 bet. She is also the +350 to be made the nominee of the Republican party.

Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter



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