Three Poker Players Go All In For 300K Pot

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One thing is for certain if you sit down to railbird the highest stakes table over at Full Tilt Poker.  It might not happen all the time, it may not even happen at every session you watch.  But inevitably, you will be treated to seeing a pot of over $500,000 get taken down by someone.

This was the case late last night at a $500/$1000 Mixed HA table over on Full Tilt.

The participants in this incredible hand were Ziigmund, LarsLuzak and Patrik Antonius.  What's more mind numbing about this hand is that all 3 players went all-in on the flop.  Heads up, this happening is pretty common, but 3 players at such high stakes truly is a rarity.  Under the gun, LarsLusak raised to $3500 and Ziigmund called.  A player named Martonas was in the small blind and he made it $15,000 to go.  Antonius, Luzak and Ziigmund all called.

Here is how it all went down.  The flop fell as the 8h-7c-9c and after a series of raises and re-raises, three of the four players had folded as Martonas was the only player no longer in the hand.

When the hole cards were shown, here is what each player had:
Antonius - 8d-Qd-Kc-Jc
LarsLuzak - Ah-10s-6h-7h
Ziigmund - 2c-Qc-10c-Js

This gave Ziigmund the nut straight and a flush draw.  However, if the flush hit, he would lose to Antonius' higher flush.  LarsLuzak meanwhile only had a backdoor heart flush draw.

The turn seemingly answered Luzak's prayers as it was the 5 of hearts.  The fact that he now held a straight was worthless as Ziigmund's flopped straight was higher.  Antonius still had his club flush outs, though Ziigmund held 3 clubs in his hand.

The river was a total brick as it was the Ace of diamonds which helped no one and Ziigmund scooped the monstrous pot of $544,623, or the equivalent of what the average high level executive makes in a year.  Not bad work if you can get it.