Punta Cana Classic 2011 Bubble Boy Is….

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Jose Luis Ruiz Bubble Boy

The poor sap who was on the bubble managed to get eliminated just before making it into the cashout category of 50 players Thursday evening.

Jose Luis Ruiz is our bubble boy.  Jose Luis min-raise to 15,000, the small blinds moves out of the way and Jared Pacifie comes over the top, Jared made it to around 120,000 and put Jose’s life at risk. Jose thinks for a few minutes and decided to make the call.

Jose Luis Ruiz: A Q

Jared Pacifie: A 10

The board came A-9-8 and Jose Luis takes the lead; the turn is the 8 of diamonds and Jose Luis is in good shape and he proceed to celebrate in advance but poker is a 5-card game and  you can not just collect the pot until you see the river.  The 10 of hearts landed on the river and Jared Pacifie rakes in the pot and sent Jose Luis to the rail in a painfull way.

Jose Luis quoted after going nuts for several minutes “Maldita Burbuja, en los ultimos dos torneos no la pego” that means “Damn you bubble, in the last two tournaments”

See ya!  Wouldn't want to be ya.



A Star Is Born....Bill Wellman, pictured below, made a ballsy move to remain among the 50players who will cash out.  Wellman was a BetDSI.com qualifier who is just dying to have his photo on the pages of Gambling911.com with millions of people about to view his handsome mug….and we grant him his wish and hope this brings him the best luck. 

By the way, he tells us:  "I love BetDSI.com!!!!"

Bill has the hat.

- Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor