Poker Pro Cribs, Wheels Pre-Black Friday: Where Are They Now (Video)

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Ace King
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Poker Pro Cribs

Prior to Black Friday April 15 poker pros had the world at their fingertips.  Sponsored pros were able to afford lavish pads and fast cars.

Some of that has changed following the indictments related to Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and UB.com on April 15.  Executives from those three companies were charged with money laundering and bank fraud.  The three rooms were forced to exit the US market as a result.

Matt Stout, a Lock Poker pro, purchased Paul Wasicka's house in Spanish Trail in Las Vegas just a year prior to Black Friday.

Today he is living in Costa Rica, forced to relocate so that he has more variety playing online. 

Check out Stout’s home tour from last year.

Likewise, Daniel Negreanu was among the first to announce his relocation from the States to his former home of Toronto, Canada.

He is the lead player for PokerStars.eu, which continues to maintain its status as the world’s leading online poker room despite having to exit the US market.  They have assisted many of their pros in the relocation process these past few months.


Phil Hellmuth still has his home.  He was fortunate enough to have fled UB.com, the online poker site he touted for the better part of a decade, prior to April 15.  And since that time, Hellmuth has gone on an impressive run, coming in second place in three major World Series of Poker 2011 events.


Then there’s that ‪Lamborghini Gallardo we will assume is still owned by Vanessa Rousso.  She was also among the least exposed by the events of Black Friday.

And of course there is David Williams, who last year was canned by Bodog Poker, then was fortunate enough to sign up with PokerStars.  Williams is yet to relocate, not even for the recent World Series of Online Poker. 

In live tournaments, Williams has won close to $200,000 thus far this year. 

He is probably in a better position to keep up payments on his Bentley but Williams is known to live a high flying life style that $200K a year really can’t afford.

Now about that sprawling mansion owned by Full Tilt Poker’s Howard Lederer, which to date has not been seized by the US Feds.  DOH!!!

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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