The Poker Lounge Cancelled Mid Event After Production Company Walks Off Set

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Ace King
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The Poker Lounge featured a report Wednesday afternoon in regards to the abrupt cancellation of Full Tilt Poker-sponsored The Poker Lounge

Apparently, Full Tilt didn’t send an anticipated bank wire.  Maybe the production company didn’t get the message.  Full Tilt Poker, along with PokerStars and, were indicted Friday by the US Attorney’s Office out of the Southern District of New York for violation of an online gambling prohibition act.

This could actually be an ominous sign as the Full Tilt Poker action is not supposed to affect those residing outside the States.  Production of The Poker Lounge was taking place in Wales. 

A Full Tilt-supported televised poker game in Cardiff, UK — The Poker Lounge — was canceled mid-event today, when the TV production company walked off the set after an expected wire-transfer from Ireland did not arrive, reliable sources say.

Supposedly, Presentable Productions were waiting on a second installment of funds from Full Tilt subsidiary Pocket Kings that had been promised by today, and at 4pm GMT, after recording the 3rd heat, they sent the camera crew and players home, with no plans for return. (The show is an 8-heat event featuring $20k sit-n-gos with seven players at each table.)

It remains to be seen whether this was just reactionary angst over a technical blip that could normally be resolved with little problem, or indicative of cash-flow and money-transfer issues that have far more severe implications. But either way, it does confirm a certain unease in the UK after problems in the US.

Presentable has been producing poker television shows since 1999, when their show, Late Night Poker, originally debuted.

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