Loving Lock Poker: Jenny Speak to Another Bluff/Lock Challenger

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Jenny Woo
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Lock Poker:

The Bluff Poker Challenge, sponsored by Lock Poker, allowed online poker players to win a seat at this year’s World Series of Poker by simply becoming the most profitable player on the site.  A few hundred entered.

Michael Drummond was one such player and our own Jenny Woo had a chance to sit down with him.   Lock Poker’s new Pro Girah tournament series kicks off Monday.  Watch for details on Gambling911.com.  US PLAYERS WELCOME


Michael Drummond (Bluff Poker Challenge)

JENNY: How has your experience been with LockPoker.com? And have you been involved with the site before?

MICHAEL: I actually just got on Lock Poker earlier this month and it’s been awesome.  I’ve been getting a ton of action and running well, which is always a deadly combination.  The software is great, customer support is fast, and I look forward to continuing to play on this site. 

JENNY:  You’re the lead player in the Bluff Poker Challenge with about 4 days to go. What was it about the tourney that made you want to enter?

MICHAEL: Anyone that plays poker is competitive, and if they’re not then they’re probably not a winning player.  When I realized I had a chance to make a run at being the biggest winner on the site of course I was inspired to give it my best shot. 

JENNY: How are things looking for you now in the challenge?

MICHAEL: I’m almost double second place so long as no one takes a high stakes shot and goes on a run, I think my lead is pretty safe.

JENNY: If you had the choice between online and live tournaments, which would you choose?

MICHAEL: Live tournaments are fun because of the media, high buy ins, and live interaction with other poker players.   However, it’s often a long grueling process that usually ends in disappointment so I’d rather be sitting behind my computer being able to play cash games on the side. 

JENNY: If the Internet had never been invented do you think you’d still be playing poker?

MICHAEL: When I started playing it was live with friends, but I don’t have the patients to play live poker full time.  The only good part about playing live is getting massages at the table, but the amount of hands I’ve played this month on Lock would probably take me 2 years if I had to do it in person.  Hopefully the Internet sticks around.  

JENNY: Have you felt or seen any affects since the April 15th indictments here in the US?

MICHAEL: It’s been a rough month in that respect and I’m not sure what to expect for the future.  My American friends and I have not been able to cash out any funds off of Fulltilt, Pokerstars or UB.  I’m not sure US players are allowed to still play on these sites, but I don’t really see the point until they reactivate the withdrawal feature.  The government needs realize how much revenue they could create in taxes as opposed to fining these sites and shutting them down.  Hopefully these issues are resolved soon and online poker becomes available for those sites, but for now I’ll stick to playing on Lock Poker. 

- Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent


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