LarsLuzak Earns His Largest Online Poker Pot Ever

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Last night, FullTilt Poker was the scene of yet another personal record setting hand. On any given day, railbirds sit around watching as the super heavyweights of online cash game poker match wits against one another in the hopes of seeing something special. At any given time, observers are treated to huge pots and enormous swings as the likes of Durrr, Patrik Antonious and Phil Ivey square off. People come to see an event and that's just what they were treated to last night as the largest online poker hand was awarded. The winner was not any of the above mentioned greats.

The winner of the pot was LarsLuzak, a player who is well known at these stakes but who receives less accolades than the other more household names. The key hand occurred during a session of Mixed HA $500/$1000 and it played out between Lars and Ziigmund who is involved in gigantic pots and swings with regularity.

Here is a description of the hand. As the hand began, table chip counts were as follows:
LarsLuzak 317,677
Ziigmund $372,327
Phil Ivey $98,998
Durrr $62,792
Gus Hansen $39,492

LarsLuzak was the Big Blind and Ziigmund was in the Small Blind. From under the gun, Hansen min-raised to $2000 and it was folded to Ziigmund who raised to $7,000. LarsLuzak immediately raised a pot sized bet to $23,000 holding Ah-gc-Ac-9s. Hansen folded and Ziigmund hesitated before making the call

The flop was 7c-Qc-5d giving LarsLuzak an overpair an the nut flush draw. Ziigmund checked and LarsLuzak bet $32,000. Ziigmund called. After the 9 of diamonds fell on the turn, Ziigmund led out for $112,000 and LarsLuzak called. The river card was the 4 of clubs and undeterred Ziigmund pushed all in for $205,327 and called for $150,677.

As it turned out, Ziigmund was holding 6s-5s-4d-8h and hit the nut straight on the turn and the river club didn't stop him from firing away. The pot of $637,353 was the largest pot LarsLusak has ever won online. It will be interesting to watch to see if he can build on his momentum and gain more notoriety.