La Sengphet Becomes First Woman in History to Win Three Open Tournaments on WSOP Circuit

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La Sengphet Becomes First Woman in History to Win Three Open Tournaments on WSOP

La Sengphet this weekend became the first woman to win three Open Tournaments on the World Series of Poker circuit.  She did so at the famed Los Angeles Bicycle Casino Saturday evening.

The Dallas resident collected $25,242 in prize money for her win.

Despite these top finishes, Ms. Sengphet has only won $268,573 on the live circuit.  Most of that money - $100,000 – was won at the WSOP Circuit National Championship Freeroll – No Limit Hold’em $1,000,000 where she finished 4th.   Her WSOP Circuit Open Tournament wins have been nominal in the whole scheme of things:  $32K and $18K.

More Poker News Headlines Heading Into Monday January 9, 2012:

France has Begun to Crack Down on Unlicensed Internet Poker Sites – The French government has begun to take action against online poker sites not licensed in that nation.  ISPs must proactively prevent French players from accessing such websites.  Belgium, which is home to the same European Union that has condemned the US for going after Web poker rooms based outside of the States, is doing the same.  Spain will likely follow this lead, though they will wait until June 30th. [Poker News]

The Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is Now Close to $900K - Heading into Monday, the Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot was sitting at just under $900,000.  In any Texas Hold'em game, you will be looking to maximise your value when you pick up Quads. The chance to go all-in is automatic, but what happens if your opponent is holding higher Quads, or even a Straight Flush?  These are the worst of the Bad Beats, though with the Bad Beat Jackpot, these hands could see you pocketing thick wads of cash.  Start playing online poker at Carbon and take advantage of this Bad Beat Poker Jackpot here.

U.S. Rep. Joe Barton Spends New Year’s Weekend in Afghanistan:  Vows to Pass Poker Bill – The author of a federal bill to legalize online poker in the US spent his New Year’s holiday weekend in one of the most dangerous places in the world, Afghanistan.  The Texas Congressman said:  “It was a quick trip, we left Friday evening from Washington, and I got back to Texas Monday afternoon.”  He visited a handful of military bases.  Barton said he doesn’t anticipate much getting accomplished in terms of large legislation in the coming year.  The online poker bill and an individual privacy bill for children are two of his top priorities in 2012 though the States are quickly stealing all of Barton’s thunder on the Internet poker front following a DOJ policy change in which they will no longer apply poker to The Wire Act.  States interpret this as a green light to open up their own intrastate (and potentially multi-state) Web poker businesses as a means of stimulating local economies, perhaps by way of existing lotteries.  [Corsicana Daily Sun]

PartyPoker Has Biggest Margin Over iPoker Network in Months – The battle for number two got a whole lot more interesting this week as PartyPoker was now averaging 350 more players than the number three largest online poker network, iPoker.  That’s the biggest lead since last summer when Full Tilt Poker got shut down.  Party and iPoker have alternated between the number two and number three spots since that time.  PartyPoker has seen nearly a thousand player average decline since last July, though at that time they managed to grab a good chunk of FTP’s client base through aggressive promotions that did not necessarily result in retention of said players.  Ongame has managed to push ahead of to capture the number 5 spot, though they have basically been in stationary mode over the past 6 months.  []

Michael Mizrachi, Chino Rheem in Top 5 of PCA 2012 - Michael Mizrachi opened to 1,375 in the hijack and John Racener called on the button.The {Ad}{Qs}{Ts} flop was checked by both, landing the {7c} on the turn. Mizrachi bet 2,000, Racener called, and the {4h} hit the river. Mizrachi bet 3,000, only to see Racener moved all in for 11,650. Mizrachi tanked, ultimately tossing in the chips to call.  Racener showed {Ks}{Js} for broadway and Mizrachi mucked.  "You didn't want the flush to come," Mizrachi said.

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